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Welcome to episode seventeen! This week we do a quick update on animal clothes, give Lion King (2019) it's due attention (and finally answer the actual question from @BatDad_Johnski), and try to determine if Rich is a Brony after watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Let's have some fun!

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Welcome to episode sixteen! This week, we talk about taking little doses of a show called Paprika, we talk about our favorite voice actors, and we see if Johnny Tsunami holds up. Let's have some fun!

Episode shout-outs: @BatDad_Johnski for our question of the day. @McElroyFamily and all of their shows for being our inspiration (and congrats on being in Trolls: World Tour).

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Welcome to episode fifteen! This one is a little bit of a weird one! Rich gives his initial thoughts on Rescue Riders, and then Natalie takes a full-on, down the rabbit hole look at Beauty and the Beast that had us cracking up by the end. It's a bit of a longer one, but we had a ton of fun with it, and we'll be back with a question of the day next week.

Special thanks to All Hands on Deck for recommending Rescue Riders!

A very special thank you to Movies That Molded Me for having us as guests last weekend! We'll let you all know when that episode releases, but until then go check out their awesome movie game show!

Welcome to episode fourteen! This week, we go inside Closet from Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse, we list some classic plot holes in Disney movies, and we determine if Disney's Robin Hood holds up. Let's have some fun!

This week's influencers: @infrontofmyface @crackpotpod

Thanks to @tallerlyingdown for inviting us over this week.

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Welcome to episode 13! This week we talk about Treehouse Detectives, debate the kids movie with the best soundtrack, and ponder the possible dark side of one Dr. Dottie "Doc" McStuffins. Let's have some fun!

PS - Thanks for your patience with our recent audio issues. Everything should be better in the coming weeks!

Welcome to episode twelve! This week we review Puffin Rock from Netflix, we give our recommendations of what kinds of shows to avoid for your kid in the Question of the Day, and we talk about True and the Rainbow Kingdom. Let's have some fun!

February 10, 2020

Heelers, Cars, and a Spork

Welcome to episode eleven! This week we review just a really excellent new show, recommended by listeners; we talk about just how bad Anna and Elsa's parents are (thank you A Podcast About Something); and we discuss Toy Story 4 and just how it is toys come alive. Let's have some fun!

Welcome to episode ten (holy cow, our tenth episode)! Natalie tells us about the nighttime child-heroes, the PJ Masks, we discuss our favorite DreamWorks movies, and Rich gives a synopsis of OddBods. Also, our first promo from The MacGyver Podcast! Let's have some fun!

Welcome to episode nine! This week we do a deep dive on the whole cartoon clothing issue (thanks to our friends on Twitter!), go over Word Party from Netflix, and have some chuckles about the inconsistent rules of the Cave of Wonders. Let's have some fun!

Welcome to episode eight! This week Natalie get's her thoughts out about the highest paid YouTuber, we bring you our favorite shows that may be made for kids but are totally suitable for adults, and I discuss another offering on Netflix from the good people at Project Pikachu. Let's have some fun!

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